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Wally Djachenko

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Company Tax Accounting and BAS Returns

Most companies book their (free) first consult with us to talk about their annual and quarterly obligations. Tax time and BAS submissions come around all too quickly and are a real source of stress for business owners.

As your tax accountant, our job is to remove the headache of your tax obligations. We make it easier, we maximise your claims, and you get all the additional benefits of putting an expert in charge of your finances.

Tax Planning

Dealing with tax means more than lodging your returns on time. It also involves planning ahead to achieve the smartest outcomes. We all have to meet our legal obligations, but it makes no sense to pay additional tax because of poor planning.

As your tax accountant, Brisbane Business Accountant keeps a finger on the pulse of your business at all times. We know when due dates are coming up and will make sure we help you meet your obligations every time.

Tax Office Matters

We can assist with any of your dealings with the tax office. Take a look at your calendar for this week and choose which hour you can afford to spend on the phone to the ATO. As your tax accountant, we take these tasks and many of the little decisions off your plate, so you’re free you to get on with your business and life.

Brisbane Business Accountant office manager Sharon Clark

Sharon Clark

Brisbane Business Accountant principal Wally Djachenko

Wally Djachenko

How to Get Started

Call Sharon on (07) 3822 7201. She will book you an appointment with our principal business accountant Wally Djachenko who has over 20 years experience in accounting and as a business advisor.