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Business Structuring and Advice

There are certain points in the life of your business where you need to decide on (or reassess) the best structure for your business. Here are a few of those times:

  • Buying a business
  • Starting a business
  • Expanding or franchising
  • Changes in ownership (adding or removing partners)
  • Selling your business

It’s our job in each case to protect you from the time, money and effort that are wasted when a business is incorrectly structured.

When you’ve chosen the right business structure and you’ve had it set up professionally, you’re able to move forward with far more certainty. It clears a lot of doubts from your mind, so you can focus on your business rather than worry about all the things that could go wrong.

Brisbane Business Accountant office manager Sharon Clark

Sharon Clark

Brisbane Business Accountant principal Wally Djachenko

Wally Djachenko

Let’s talk about your structure

If you’re entering a new phase for your business, you’ll benefit from a chat with us to get the right advice. Structuring questions arise when buying or starting your business and can continue right through to deciding on the right exit strategy or succession plan when it’s time to move on.

Phone Sharon on (07) 3822 7201. She’ll book in a consult for you with our principal accountant Wally Djachenko. During the first meeting we’ll review your current situation and goals to figure out the best way to structure your business.