NOT A SCAM OR HOAX – recent Super alert from ATO

If you have recently received correspondence from the ATO regarding unclaimed Super, most likely it is not a hoax or scam.

The ATO may have recently contacted you by email, SMS or letter, as part of a nationwide unclaimed superannuation campaign.

It currently holds unclaimed superannuation money for approximately 5.38 million accounts with a total value of $3.75 billion as at 30 June 2017. To remedy this, the ATO recently launched a campaign to email 80,000 individuals, followed by 20,000 letters and an SMS, notifying that they are holding unclaimed funds.

The ATO advises it will never use email or text messages to ask for an update to personal information of taxpayers, including asking you to supply an ABN or credit card details.

Whilst you should be wary of scammers during this campaign, if you are in any doubt about the validity of a recent email, letter or SMS, you should call the ATO to check.

Once you confirm it is valid, call us on 3822 7201 to discuss your options to optimise your Superannuation and retirement benefits.

For further information from the ATO, you can CLICK HERE