Are you eligible for bonus Super from the government?

Hand holiding Australian money indicating bonus superannuation contributions from the government

Have you:

  • Been working part-time?
  • Ceased work this year to start a family?
  • Re-joined the workforce during the year?
  • Been out of work for part of the year?
  • Had other reasons for a limited income this year – below $37,000?

Currently, there are two avenues for low-income earners to get bonus Super from the government totalling up to $1000 per year.

1. The low-income superannuation contribution (LISC) is up to $500 per year. If your adjusted taxable income (ATI) is $37,000 or less per year, the amount will be the lesser of $500 or 15% of the before-tax contributions made to your super account during the financial year.

Example: In 2016-17, Julie’s ATI is $35,000. Julie’s employer makes a Super guarantee contribution of $3,325 into her super fund (9.5% x $35000). Julie will receive a low-income super contribution from the government of $499 (15% of $3,325).

2. The Government co-contribution is for low-middle income earners that make personal (after-tax) super contributions to a super fund. If you earn less than $36,021, then the maximum co-contribution is $500 and is based on $0.50 from the government for every $1 you contribute. And just like that – you’ve made a 50% return on your money!

Example: April is employed and earns $35,200 and contributes $40 per fortnight from her take-home pay into her super account (this will total $1,040 for the financial year). She meets all other co-contribution eligibility requirements. With this payment plan, April will be eligible for the maximum co-contribution of $500.

(The co-contribution amount reduces for incomes between $36021 – $51021).

Note: As April is employed and her income is below $37000, she would also receive $500 LISC payment from the Government – thus totalling $1000!

This is a fantastic boost to her retirement savings!



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