Lost Money?

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Do you have lost money?

Do you have multiple superannuation accounts, but not sure who they are with, or perhaps you worked for a short period of time but are unsure if you had a superannuation account with that employer?

Do you vaguely remember having an old bank account but not sure what happened to it?

Are you entitled to money from:

  • lost superannuation accounts;
  • a deceased estate;
  • share dividends;
  • old life insurance policies (eg whole of life or endowment);
  • rent or rental bonds;
  • deposits;
  • refunds;
  • unpaid salaries and wages;
  • lost cheques;
  • trust money;
  • over-payments;
  • proceeds of a sale?
The ATO & ASIC have details of billions of $ of “lost money” on behalf of thousands of Australians.

There are many thousands of Australians who have lost track of their entitlements…..but don’t despair, help is available.

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