Should your Accountant be your Business Coach?

Brisbane Business Accountant business coaching service

I met with clients this week who run a successful, growing business. It’s growing modestly, but that’s the way they like it. And they want to go national. They have their challenges, sure, but generally things are looking up. I visited their office to undertake a business needs analysis – a process during which I review concerns about the business, and document the issues that keep my clients up at night. As a bonus they made me a great cup of coffee, and I met their new puppy (I like dogs and good coffee). They told me that they get dozens of phone calls every month hoping to sell them business coaching services. And then they said – hey, do you do that?

You know what? Actually we do. (That was the whole point of the visit, in fact.) You know what else? We don’t tell enough of our clients about it.

Business coaching is really lifestyle coaching. Most of us are in business as a way of achieving the lifestyle we want for ourselves and our families. Successful business = achieving what we want out of life.

As accountants and financial advisers we get to know our clients’ businesses extremely well. We know when cash flow is tight, and when they want to buy a new truck. Generally,we know when their kids are sick, and when their customers aren’t paying. We know how much profit they made last year, and what their tax planning issues are for the next 12 months. We should also know when they want to retire, and what their financial goals are.

We know about business, and lifestyle, and money. For those of us licensed to provide financial advice, we also know about superannuation, and life insurance, and SMSF’s and property and shares. We’ve run businesses for years, and seen lots of economic upturns and downturns. If we’re doing our job really well we also know about marketing, and sales, and hiring and motivating staff.

So why don’t we tell our clients we can talk to them about business coaching? Because most accountants are too busy.

But not us. We’ve undertaken a radical transformation of our practice over the last 2 years, specifically to free up time so we can talk to our clients about the critical issues in their business, and help them find solutions.

More profit, better business, better lifestyle. That’s what it’s all about.

Call your Brisbane Business Accountant – who can also be your business coach – and we can talk about it. Preferably over coffee. Puppy optional.