Why Do You Want To Be In Business?

Brisbane Business Accountant - why do you want to be in business?

People go into business for many reasons. There are a number of obvious and recurring answers to my question, and I’ll explore some of those in upcoming posts to this blog. However, you should figure out your personal answer to this question before you take the plunge and go into business for yourself.

When I coach clients I insist on honesty. Yes – the client needs to be honest with me. But more importantly, they need to be honest with themselves. Serious introspection at the start will save you a lot of pain down the track.

Honestly, are you considering this because you can’t find a job, and this seems like the only way out? Or, do you think that it might be an easy way to make a living? Are you hoping to make your first million within the first five years?

Unravel your own motivations. Then figure out if your motivations are sustainable through the challenges facing a new business owner.

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