In Business Because You Can’t Get A Job?

Brisbane Business Accountant - man thinking about why he is in business

In business because you can’t get a job?

I can’t remember the number of people I’ve spoken to who have decided to go into business because they can’t get a job. They feel they’re too old and no one will give them a chance. Or their skills are not in demand at present. Or maybe there aren’t enough jobs in their part of the world.

Maybe you find yourself in this very position now. So … what do you do?

I’ll keep coming back to this same question over and over again – but really it is one of the most important questions you can ask yourself when making any of life’s important decisions.

What’s your motivation?

If it’s just because you want a job … please understand that life is going to be tough. During your start-up phase, you won’t know where your next client, or job, or pay cheque is coming from. Running a business means delivering great customer service and over-delivering on obligations. It also means being in charge of sales and marketing, finding new customers, keeping the books straight, and worrying about whether you can ever go on holiday again. And – if you employ staff – you’ll have to manage the payroll and all your HR issues.

If you only want a job – maybe you should devote that much time, energy and enthusiasm into getting a “normal” one. You may not earn much in your own business for the first year or two, so why not agree to a pay cut to land that job?

If, however, your motivation for being in business is a burning desire to succeed and build something for yourself and your family, and a passionate desire to execute your chosen profession better than anyone else … then maybe that will be enough to sustain you through the stress and uncertainty, and maybe – just maybe – you should take the plunge and be in business for yourself.

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